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New Compliance Profile in Learn@Work

Published on September 8, 2023, via Research News

The Learn@Work Compliance Profile was updated on September 7, 2023. Area Specific Compliance Offices (ASCOs) worked with WashU IT to revise questions and modernize the survey. Instead of providing a fixed list of questions, the new Compliance Profile dynamically presents questions based on the answers you provide. Additionally, it offers context information in the form of Help Text to assist you in appropriately answering questions. The Compliance Profile Summary will continue to record your responses and track resulting course assignments for you to reference later. However, it will only track answers provided to the new profile. Answers entered in the legacy Compliance Profile are no longer available.
WashU staff, faculty, and student workers are encouraged to take the Compliance Profile to ensure your training assignments match your current position with WashU, particularly if you have never taken the Compliance Profile or you are a member of a department or university area that requires regulatory and compliance training, like research.
If you encounter any unexpected behavior as you complete the Compliance Profile, contact or submit a ticket in ServiceNow referencing CHG0047360. Questions about course assignments should be directed to Area Specific Compliance Offices (ASCOs).
Please visit the Learn@Work Home Page for more information.