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New User Defined Fields in RMS

Published via Research News July 3, 2023

Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) would like to notify the research community regarding new User Defined Fields (UDF’s) in RMS per EA-14508. In an effort to streamline the award profiling process, new UDF’s will be added to the Proposal Development Record (PD Record) and Proposal Tracking Record (PT Record) as required fields.

  • Award Nickname (Nickname used in the Workday Award and Grant name. Recommended length = 5-15 characters, max of 25 characters. Default = first six initials of award title.)
  • Award Grant Hierarchy (of the primary grant line)
  • Award Region (of the primary grant line)
    • Dry Lab
    • Wet Lab
    • Off-Site
    • N/A – Danforth

Provided the fields have been completed, SPA will no longer require the submission of the Award Set-up Information Template for awards that have a single grant line. Additional grant lines will need to be requested on an Allocation Request form which includes these data fields for any additional grant lines needed.

If the Award Nickname field is blank, an email will be generated from RMS alerting you of the blank field. The email will also ask departments to review Award Cost Center, Award Grant Hierarchy, and Award Region to ensure the values are correct and have not been updated.

Please reach out to SPA with any additional questions.