Research Data Management Policies by Federal Agency

The White House Office of Science and Technology issued a directive in 2013 requiring federally funded scientific research publications and data sets to be made freely available to the public. As a result, many public and private funders also instituted directives on data sharing requirements. Below is a listing of data management policies from many […]

Certificates of Confidentiality (CoCs)

Created 8/21/2018Revised 05/26/2022 CoCs protect the privacy of research participants by prohibiting the research team from disclosing identifiable, sensitive research information to individuals or entities not connected to the research. CoCs are to be issued for any biomedical, behavioral, clinical, or other research, in which identifiable, sensitive information is collected where the research is Funded […]

Member Appointment Process – Conflict of Interest Review Committee

Original Effective Date 08/01/1998 Last Revised Date 08/01/2019 Committee Structure and Purview School of Medicine Committee This Committee reviews financial disclosures for individuals with a prime appointment* at the School of Medicine. The Committee will be comprised of at least 15 faculty members with 13 faculty representing research intensive departments and/or high conflicts of interest […]