Last Updated: August 5

Clinical Research Ramp Up

Current status: Yellow Yellow

Researchers can transition from orange to yellow when their school/department is ready, they have carefully developed their plans, and have all preparations in place. We anticipate that this transition will take a few weeks for most groups.

PIs can develop their plans, and if approved, may begin implementing them. PIs should carefully read the two documents below “Guidelines for Clinical Research Transitions – Orange to Yellow” and “Considerations in Re-Starting a Clinical Research Study”.

However, if conditions or the situation changes, Washington University leadership may decide to return to the Clinical Research – Orange or Red Level, and PIs and research teams should be prepared for this eventuality.  

Guidelines and Ramp Up Plans


Amanda Cashen, MD
IRB Executive Chair

Jeanne Velders, JD
Executive Director of HRPO

Clinical Research
Suresh Vedantham, MD
Assistant Dean for Clinical Research

Center for Clinical Studies
Yi Zhang, JD
Assistant Dean and Administrative Director of Clinical Studies

Non-Clinical Research Ramp Up

Current status: Yellow Yellow

Non-clinical human subjects research is defined for this purpose as fundamental, basic research that occurs mostly in laboratories or offices, and involves human participants. Research that only involves using existing samples is not included in this definition.

As of August 5, non-clinical human subjects research can begin transitioning from Orange to Yellow level. PIs can develop their plans, and if approved, may begin implementing them. See the guidelines for ramping up non-clinical research in Box.

Human Subjects Research Guidance

See the following documents for guidance on Human Subjects Research during alternate operations.

General Guidance

Topic-Specific Guidance

HRPO has set up a dedicated phone line and email account for questions about IRB requirements related to COVID-19.

Phone:  314-371-6189

COVID-19 Research Studies

Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences is coordinating Washington University COVID-19 research activities to provide the logistical support necessary to ensure rapid and successful completion of studies. Research teams planning COVID-19 studies should submit a description of their work.

Submit COVID-19 Research