Personnel Roles and Responsibilities

The major roles & responsibilities each party has in connection with the University’s recharge centers are as follows: Recharge Center/Specialized Service Facility Personnel Comply with RC/SSF policies and procedures Develop and administer annual budget Prepare schedule of rates and maintain supporting documentation Submit rate schedule to the Costs Analysis Department on an annual basis Generate […]

Determine the Category of Recharge Centers

All Recharge Centers should have a defined and documented budget, rate schedule, and billing process. Such centers provide services/products primarily to WUSTL departments/investigators, but could also be offered to external customers. This Recharge Center website provides guidance on the various categories of recharge centers, the activities associated with each, and how to comply with federal […]

Glossary of Terms

Breakeven – The point where revenues equal expenses; where there is no surplus or deficit. Breakeven Analysis – The process of determining the volume at which a program becomes financially self-sufficient. Break-even Period – A reasonable time-period in which cumulative revenues for a good/service should equal cumulative expenses. For a deficit carry-forward this period is five years unless an […]