Advanced Coal and Energy Research Facility (ACERF)

The Advanced Coal and Energy Research Facility provides for research and development of technologies relating to clean and sustainable utilization of fuels. It is a pilot-scale combustion test facility designed specifically to address the growing need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. ACERF is a greenfield pilot-scale (1 MW, thermal) research facility designed […]

Data Services & Geographic\Spatial Information Systems (GIS)

The Research Data Services & GIS team assists faculty, students and staff in the learning and implementation of spatial and data-related technologies and the management of their research data. Areas covered include research, academics and administration units across all WU campuses. The Data Services & GIS unit is available to help plan all aspects of […]

Dissemination & Implementation Research Core (DIRC)

The Dissemination and Implementation Research Core (DIRC) provides methodological expertise to advance translational research that moves efficacious health practices from clinical knowledge into routine, real-world use—a process called Dissemination and Implementation research (DIRC).

Fossett Laboratory for Virtual Data Exploration

The Fossett Laboratory for Virtual Exploration enables the user to visit diverse environments such as the surface of Mars or the interior of Mammoth Cave and custom environments can be created and explored.

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