Advanced Coal and Energy Research Facility (ACERF)

The Advanced Coal and Energy Research Facility provides for research and development of technologies relating to clean and sustainable utilization of fuels. It is a pilot-scale combustion test facility designed specifically to address the growing need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. ACERF is a greenfield pilot-scale (1 MW, thermal) research facility designed […]

Analytical Biogeochemistry Laboratory

This laboratory offers a range of analytical services for soil, sediment, water, and plant studies from both field investigations and laboratory experiments. The specific foci are elemental analysis of solids, composition of aqueous fluids, and nutrient concentrations in water samples and soil, plant, and sediment extracts. The facility trains users to operate the instruments but […]

Data Services

The Data Services team at the Washington University Libraries supports research and scholarship across disciplines. Data Services offers 1-1 consultations, talks, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops in relevant tools. We support data throughout the research lifecycle through our core services of: data literacy, data management,  data sharing and curation, data analysis, data visualization, and GIS Help […]

Dissemination and Implementation Science Core (DISC)

The primary goal of the new Dissemination and Implementation Science Core (DISC) is to provide NORC investigators with support integrating dissemination and implementation (D&I) science into their nutrition and obesity-related research programs. The D&I of biomedical discoveries is challenging but an absolute necessity to ensure all populations benefit from investments in nutrition and obesity research, […]

High Resolution NMR Facility

The Washington University High Resolution NMR Facility was founded in 1985 as a shared resource to serve the University and greater St Louis research community.

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