Data Services

The Data Services team at the Washington University Libraries supports research and scholarship across disciplines. Data Services offers 1-1 consultations, talks, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops in relevant tools. We support data throughout the research lifecycle through our core services of: ┬ádata exploration , data management, sharing and curation, data analysis, data 3D/AR/VR, digital humanities, and […]

DCM Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory

All services in this lab are available to WashU researchers only. No services are available to the general public. The DCM research animal diagnostic laboratory provides the following services in support of animal health and research: hematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, parasitology, rodent viral serology, gross/histopathology, including both diagnostic and investigative histopathology.** The laboratory also facilitates […]

DCM Veterinary Surgical Services

The Veterinary Surgical Services supports researchers at Washington University and other non-University entities with pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical services as well as non-surgical procedures for non-rodent species (dogs, pigs, rabbits, ferrets, cats, sheep, goats, etc.). The DCM Veterinary Surgical Services provides veterinary assistance to more than 600 surgical research cases per year involving laparoscopic, orthopedic, […]

Diabetes Models Phenotyping Core

The Animal Model Research Core provides breeding and colony maintenance of rodent models used for nutrition-related research (e.g., animals with lipid abnormalities, atherosclerosis, obesity and diabetes), genotyping, histological analyses, biochemical measurements (plasma lipids, glucose, and hormones) and body composition analyses.

Dissemination and Implementation Science Core (DISC)

The primary goal of the new Dissemination and Implementation Science Core (DISC) is to provide NORC investigators with support integrating dissemination and implementation (D&I) science into their nutrition and obesity-related research programs. The D&I of biomedical discoveries is challenging but an absolute necessity to ensure all populations benefit from investments in nutrition and obesity research, […]

Electron Microscopy Core

A full service transmission electron microscopy facility. A research electron microscopy facility with experienced staff and faculty available to discuss experimental design and individual needs to help optimize methods of analysis. Core Director: Robert E. Schmidt Preferred Contact Name: Karen Green, Technical Director School/Unit: Array Academic Department: Array Campus: medical Affiliation: Diabetes Research and Training […]