Emergency Care Research Core (ECRC)

The goal of the Emergency Care Research Core (ECRC) is to provide a centralized infrastructure to support investigators conducting clinical or translational research in the area of emergency care. Many challenges exist in efficiently conducting research in emergency care including the unpredictable nature of acute illness and injury, time-dependent diagnoses and interventions, and the unique […]

Genome Engineering & Stem Cell Center (GESC@MGI)

The Genome Engineering and iPSC Center (GEiC) uses engineered endonucleases to create targeted modifications of mammalian genomes in order to speed scientific discovery, validate therapeutic targets, and increase scientific productivity.

Gnotobiotic Core Facility

The Gnotobiotic Core Facility has been developed to offer Investigators at Washington University, as well as at other institutions, access to germ-free mice and the ability to perform experiments associated with manipulation of the microbiota.  The current facility is the first step in the initiation of the Washington University Gnotobiotic Research, Education and Transgenic (GREaT) […]


The vision of the HAMLET Core is to promote understanding of the biology and genetics of human breast cancer and to provide better preclinical models to validate new treatment and imaging approaches.

High Resolution NMR Facility

The Washington University High Resolution NMR Facility was founded in 1985 as a shared resource to serve the University and greater St Louis research community.